Shraddha's Story

I am Ms. Shraddha C. Bhosle, studying in Final Year B. Tech (Textile) at VJTI, Mumbai. My parents passed away when I was 8 years old leaving behind us 3 children, our aunt and our grandmother. Our initial school education was funded mostly out of our father's fixed deposit money from the bank. My aunt had however decided to take care of us children and did not marry for our well-being as her priority in life. Our grandmother after her eye surgery couldn't help much as she was handicapped.

However, under the vigilance of my aunt and grandmother we sisters were able to complete our high school education. But, since there was shortage of funds in the family, we both sisters started working part-time during for our junior college years. As fate would have it, my sister met with an accident and was unable to pass her HSC. Finances were always shorthanded and hence my sisters decided to leave studies to ease our financial burdens also that we couldn’t afford education. She then decided to start working full time so that she can contribute to the family expenses. All five of us in our family were trying hard to sustain through it all.

Meanwhile, my grandmother’s health had deteriorated and her medical bills had started eating out of our monthly budget. To counter this, my brother and I decided to take up part time jobs to make ends meet. Some months later our grandmother passed away leaving behind a feeling of void in our lives. In quick succession my sister got married and she had to leave us. Now we were only 3 left in the family – me, my aunt and my brother.

My brother had failed in his 10th grade and decided to stop his education due to financial conditions. I was studying engineering and it was not possible to leave the education at this point in time. But my brother had decided to keep my education on track. He stopped his education, became my guardian took up a job and is trying his best to help me finish my education. However, I didn't want to put all burden on my brother with my education costs. Hence, I decided to start coaching students to get the extra money since the past one year.

Financial scarcity was always known in my family at every step of our lives, however, it was always compensated with the abundance of love in my family. I want to complete my education as soon as possible without any problems and get myself a job. My aim is to restart my brother's education and help him in his career. After my parents passing away, I received all the love I could get from my grandmother, my aunt, my sister and my brother. And I am blessed having them around.

However, I do not want to hurt any one of my family members in any possible way after all the sacrifices they have done for me, which is the reason why I have approached Harjai Foundation for help. I will be eternally grateful if I receive Harjai Foundation's scholarship which will help me in an immense way to reduce the burden of my education from my guardians.

Komal's Story

"When one tries and tries endlessly they receive God" and "If you wish hard enough you´ll see the solution" holds true because if you want to succeed in any domain you will have to try and wish what you want to achieve and if you work hard keeping these two points in mind you will definitely succeed is what I strongly feel.

When I was in 10th standard I used to get stressed out with my studies. Because I used to hear from all sources that this is a crucial year study hard, get good grades. If you get good grades what will happen, if you get bad grades what will happen. How my career depends upon my grades and so on and so forth. Such idioms were regular at my home from the beginning, I should get good marks in all my exams, get a higher education, get a high paying job, a great designation at my job is their wish. And that is the reason why they are extremely attentive with my educational requirements. Even I like to study.

Lokmanya Tilak had pledged, "Swarajya is my birthright, and I shall have it!", similarly, I pledged that I will secure 95% marks in my SSC exams! I started studying hard to achieve what I had pledged for. My family’s financial condition is not that great and hence I could not afford study guides for all the subjects. The school books were all that I had and I studied a great deal from these books. I read these books a lot and solved a whole lot of past question papers. In the process if I ever got stuck with any problems that I was unable to solve I took the help of my school teachers and resolved the problems and doubts. I meticulously practiced my math problems.

My parents, although they could not afford my education were cutting back on their needs and seeing to it that my educational expenses were met as much as they could. Eventually, I studied hard to achieve the desired success in my SSC examination.

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